What is the effectiveness of the statutory institution of the prepared liquidation? This institution has been introduced into the Polish legal system relatively recently (since 1.1.2016) but it undoubtedly requires thorough research.


The prepared liquidation meets with very divergent assessments in theory and practice. On the one hand, it is treated as a vehicle simplifying the liquidation procedure of the debtor's assets, resulting in savings on the costs of liquidation, allowing efficient transfer of the active company or its part, etc. On the other hand, attention is paid to the risk of pathological phenomena. The debtor retains a significant influence on the manner of disposing of his assets, private valuations do not always guarantee reliability, creditors have limited control instruments for liquidation, the procedure does not ensure competition among potential buyers, there is a risk of "expropriating" a debtor with large assets but having problems with liquidity. These dangers associated with the practical application of the prepared liquidations justify the examination of its actual effectiveness as soon as possible.



18 grudnia 2018
What is the effectiveness of the prepared liquidation?